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Plant mom

Plants have been a part of my life since the moment I was born. I can never remember a time where there were no plants in the family house, in the garden and everywhere in-between.

It is actually a fitting time to tell the story that when my parents moved in together in their first home they had no furniture and only carboard to sit on. However, there were pot plants in the 2 bedroom house. Plants that were cherished as they filled up their first home.

Perhaps this also has to do with the fact that my dad is a horticulturist and caring for plants is in his blood. So much so that he often took me to work with him as a toddler to try and get me into the swing of things. This turned out terribly when one day I played in a field filled with blossoming flowers and fainted. This led to the discovery that I was allergic to pollen.

You would not think that someone who suffers from hay fever would be a plant person or that Jacaranda season in Pretoria is her favourite time of the year. Unfortunately, the plant bug bit and I am now 34 plants in while living on the fourth floor of a city flat with a sunroom.

I will be using the site to share the ups and downs about my plant life while drawing some knowledge from my dad. I hope that you enjoy the journey with me.

Quick lesson for today though. Plants die and that is okay. Do not beat yourself up about it. I will delve into that completely the next time I post about plants though.

Happy planting 🙂