A new year

I have been payign for this site for over a year and have only posted about 12 times.

This was my first thought when I had to renew and pay again at the end of last year. It felt like a waste and I berated myself for it. How could I possibly be wasting so much money!

This berating did not help in the least to get me motivated and writing again. As these things go, it is now almost February and not a single word of mine has been published here. Was I in for yet another toungue lashing from myself? No. Not at all.

I decided to give myself grace. My year was overwhelming with changing positions at work, a big move and overall just living through a pandemic. Kinder words are always needed in these instances because who could possibly have foretold the way that the world is panning out right now?

This year I have dedicated to giving myself leeway and grace, but more importantly to being patient with myself as I navigate my life.

Cheers to the first post of 2022

1 thought on “A new year

  1. leannehardy2014

    I, too, cheer your first post of 2022. (I have yet to make one on my blog!) How right you are that we all need more grace and patience with ourselves, especially in this current chaos. At the same time a little motivation (like paying a fee for the website) can be great to keep us moving forward. I love your smile and look forward to more of your thoughts.



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